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Start Your Own Supplement LIne!

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Start Your Own Supplement LIne!
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Ever wanted to start your own supplement line.

Have a few hundred laying around to invest? 

Just a 12 bottle minimum!

Natural Resultz's R&D Dept. will guarantee you we have some of the best quality supplements on the market. America was built on quality products that lasted. We are olde skool. 
Like all American made products (past & present) we are more a tad bit more expensive, but we all know you get what you pay for. This along with actual customer service is why we have survived since 1996. Quality products with no "fluff" or filler ingredients.

Usually you would have to invest well over $10000 to do one single product. 
For as little as $300 you have 12 bottles of a pre-workout, energy,or diet product. 
For under $500 a Greens/Superfoods or sleeping formula. 
It is usually over $100,000 to do one flavor of a protein. We are one of only 5 known companies that have a hydrolyzed whey protein out & that will only set up back $480 per flavor. Yes you are only getting 12 but you are not stressed trying to sell a truck load & with not much more of a price break.

If you want to private label one of our products, minimums are as low as 12 bottles.
  If you currently sell someone else's product you are lucky to be averaging a $5 profit (more like $1.50) & usually lose money on protein. Depending on the product you should average at least a $15 profit. This all depends obviously on your confidence in your product & not getting all caught up in comparing your protein for example with everyones else's that may be cheaper, among other factors.

Remember; your company is the only one selling your product. You are not competing with the whole numbers game with thousands of others on the internet. That is why i started my own supplement line back in 96. I was fed up back then with little competition. People would call me & tell me how they saw someones product i was selling in the back of a mag or something cheaper. Not anymore & actually profit & very well.

Times are tough in America & Natural Resultz is willing to help you out as much as possible.

We private label for several companies so we have dozens of products in stock that are not on our site. We have access to hundreds of pre-made supplements.
We have almost a dozen diet pills in stock with a 288 bottle minimum. 

Want to formulate your own product
Keep in mind most of those minimums are around 1000 bottles but it is your own.

You may use our label design if you like & Natural Resultz will just change the basics like supplement & business name.

Drop Ship
Natural Resultz will also store your product if need be.

$150 & Natural Resultz will set up your 3d cart ecommerce site
 (Natural Resultz has no affiliation with 3dcart)

You will be given a sheet with all the ingredients. It is your responsibility to get labels made & make sure they are FDA compliant.  You are responsible for knowing all the laws in your area.
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